Global Public Health Scholars Program


Global Public Health crosses physical and academic boundaries to explore the connections between health, culture, economic development, and environmental sustainability around the world while advocating for the wellbeing of all communities. Students gain an understanding of the conceptual and practical foundations of community health, explore global public health challenges, and consider ways to improve population health in diverse contexts.



Sophomore Practicum and The Academic Showcase 

Each cohort of University of Maryland's College Park Scholars completes a practicum or capstone project related to their area of study. For Global Public Health (GPH) students’ practicum, they engage in research, internship, or service-learning projects. The College Park Scholars Academic Showcase is a culminating event that provides the opportunity to present their posters and accompanying oral presentations, to fellow students, campus faculty, and administrators. 

With the unexpected changes that have occurred this year, students will not be presenting their posters in person. However, our 2020 Sophomore GPH students worked incredibly hard on their projects and posters, and they deserve to be showcased. Welcome to the first ever virtual GPH Academic Showcase. All 59 of our student’s posters and presentations have been uploaded for their peers, advisors, and others to see. Click on any title to view the poster. Scroll down below each poster to play the oral presentation by each student. If you would like more information on any project, leave a comment. Each student is monitoring their poster and can respond.

Thank you for taking the time to check out the awesome projects our students completed! 

4C_GPH Vert.png